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Strain Insulator is a insulator installed on the cable. It bears the pull of a suspended wire or cable. Installing strain insulator can effectively avoid the problem of accidental electrification of the cable and achieve the insulation between the cable and the ground.

Royal manufacture competitive strain insulator with high quality and very competitive prices. Our strain Insulator is according to Ansi C29.4 standard. with grey color or brown color. They are 54-1,54-2,54-3 and 54-4.

Strain Insulator is one part of a stay set. A stay set includes a stay plate, a stay rod ,a stay bow, a thimble, stay wire and a strain insulator(also called stay insulator).

What is a strain insulator?

Strain Insulator is an electrical insulator that works in mechanical strain, is used to bear the pull of the suspended wire or cable.
To support radio antennas and overhead power lines

How does a strain insulator work?

Used for frequency AC or DC overhead power lines, For pole pulling or tensioning wire and for insulation. Its installation ambient temperature is -40℃~ +40℃, altitude not more than 1000m

What is the advantages of Royal’s Strain Insulators?

More than 20 years manufacturing experience.
High quality with competitive prices
Very goods after sales services.