Disc Suspension Insulator


Disc suspension insulator is generally made of insulating parts (such as porcelain parts, glass parts) and metal accessories (such as steel feet, iron caps, flanges, etc.) glued or mechanically clamped. Disc suspension Insulator is widely used in power systems. They generally belong to external insulation and work under atmospheric conditions.  

As one of the important equipment of transmission lines,  Disc suspension insulator shoulder the important task of hanging wires and insulating the towers.Royal ‘s Disc suspension Insulator is used in transmission lines of high voltage, ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage all over the world, providing a reliable guarantee for the safe operation of transmission lines in various countries.




ANSI clevis type disc suspension insulator

ANSI Clevis type Disc suspension insulator

 The disk-shaped Disc suspension insulator is the most common and important type of line insulator. This insulator is made of iron cap, porcelain insulator and fittings  which are assembling by cement. The Surface of spindle and iron cap and cement contact is coated with a thin buffer layer, generally asphalt, there is a elastic liner between spindle top and  porcelain body. Porcelain surface is generally in brown and gray glaze, iron cap and spindle are  all hot dip galvanized. 


There are two types of disk-type disc suspension insulator: ball-and-socket connection and slot type connection.

The ball-and-socket connection structure is non-directional and has the advantages of easy installation and disassembly of the groove housing, especially convenient for the replacement of insulators on line. Therefore, the ball-and-socket connection structure is generally adopted on the lines of high voltage, ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage.

Slot type connection structure  its connection of fittings is simple, but not easy to live work, in our country generally used in low voltage  line. In order to ensure that the insulators do not fall off from the string during operation, each insulator is attached with a locking device, among which a locking pin is used in the ball-and-socket connection structure, a cylinder pin is used in the slot connection structure, and a split pin or a humpback pin is used for locking



Fog type disc suspension insulator

Fog Type Disc suspension insulator 

The type of insulator has a long underside of the umbrella, and the product can achieve a large creepage distance. The inner cavity under the umbrella is not susceptible to moisture and has a high pollution tolerance voltage, so it is more suitable for use on AC and DC power transmission lines in coastal areas, humid areas and saline-alkali areas.


anti pollution type disc suspension disc insulator


Anti-Pollution type disc suspension insulator

Anti-pollution Type  Disc suspension insulator(Double sheds)

Disc suspension insulator of this shape are smooth without edges under the umbrella and form an open shape, so they have good self-cleaning performance in wind and rain, low natural pollution accumulation rate, plus a large creepage distance, so that the products have a good pollution and pressure resistance level, making them been used in a dusty environment. The umbrellalike insulators are known as “aerodynamics” and are adapted to various operating conditions, especially for AC and DC transmission lines in heavy pollution, high altitude and dry desert areas.

The components part name of porcelain disc suspension insulator

porcelain disc suspension insulators

The suspension insulators string is shown below

porcelain disc suspension insulators string
number used in porcelain disc suspension insulators
What is a suspension insulator?

A Disc Suspension Insulator is generally made of disc shape insulator part(such as porcelain part,glass part) and metal accessories.

How does a disc suspension insulator work?

Disc Suspension Insulator is widely used in transmission overhead line,consiting of 1 insulator and a string of insulator, shoulder the important task of hanging wire and insulting the tower.

How many types of suspension insulator?

1,Normal Disc shaped insulator with ball and socket connection or slot conntection.
2.Fog Type disc insulator has a long underside of the umbrella to keep the inner part from moist.
3.Anti pollution type disc insulator with double shed. which has large creepage distance that can be used in high pollution area.